Join us 4-7 December 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa

Game Change is a career development and writing workshop aimed primarily at early career Black and African women academics, and welcoming all applicants committed to an open and equal academe. Our goal is to create space for scholars to share strategies for surviving and thriving amidst systemic and institutional challenges, whether because of race, ethnicity, gender, or other factors. And particularly, to do so with respect to and in support of our writing.

These workshops usually have an ‘apprenticeship’ approach, where junior scholars are taught to succeed at the game as it stands. We hope to use this instead as a reflective and creative opportunity for ourselves and for mentorship that could change the game.

The workshop is funded by the British Academy, with support from the Royal African Society and the African Studies Association of the UK. It is convened by Dr Zoe Marks (University of Edinburgh), Dr Shose Kessi (University of Cape Town), and Dr Elelwani Ramugondo  (University of Cape Town).

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Be the spark. Catch a fire.

Our goal is to create space for scholars to share strategies for surviving and thriving amidst systemic and institutional challenges, in order to foster a more open and equal academe.

We see this as integral to an academic mission of rigorous inquiry and knowledge production that seeks to illumine and improve the human condition.

Our work – our research, teaching, writing, leadership – is politically informed. Our research questions and academic praxis are inspired, not constrained, by our positionality. Enormous care and wisdom goes into our methodological and epistemological choices and how we translate data and narratives into knowledge.

This workshop is an opportunity to reflect on those intentions, make them more explicit, and hone our ability to use them to achieve professional success. By sharing and cultivating these choices and strategies in a non-competitive, transnational, pluralistic environment, we hope the workshop goes beyond the usual notions of ‘paying it forward’ or navigating research pipelines.

We aim to change the game. For ourselves, and for the generations to follow.

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Click here to apply now. — Deadline 31 October 2016

We welcome applications from academics seeking to strengthen their writing and professional development, while contributing to a community of academic transformation. Keep in mind that this is a writing workshop, and attendees are expected to come with a writing project to progress or complete.

Who can apply?

  • We are particularly interested in convening game changers, people who have sought to shift the rules of engagement for themselves, their students, or their colleagues in a way that makes academia and knowledge production more inclusive, accepting, and, by extension, innovative.
  • We welcome scholars from all disciplinary backgrounds, but particularly the social sciences, and encourage interdisciplinary learning.
  • We welcome scholars across all methodological approaches, including positivist and post-positivist/critical epistemologies, and aim to foster productive dialogue across these lines.
  • We welcome scholars at all stages of their career. Priority will be given to early career academics.
  • We believe in spectral, intersectional, non-binary lives, but also recognise the power of labels and social constructs in shaping our professional opportunities and experiences. Priority will be given to women, queer, trans, and gender non-conforming scholars.
  • We understand that the knowledge economy is (and arguably long has been) global, and we also recognise that histories of colonization, slavery, and racial oppression have systematically silenced and disadvantaged the African Diaspora.* Priority will be given to scholars identifying as Black, African, and Caribbean.
  • We know that solidarity is transnational. We also welcome scholars who identify as allies and advocates, and from global South, indigenous, immigrant, and other historically marginalized communities, broadly defined. A select number of spaces will be prioritized accordingly.

NOTE: This workshop does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, gender, race, religion, nationality, physical ability, or political position. In our consideration of applicants, we aim to be inclusive and create a pluralistic space that also recalibrates opportunities and support toward scholars who have been systematically underserved by professional networks.

We aim to create a space that champions the diversity of the academy by uplifting its marginalised voices and visionaries. We welcome all applicants who want to be part of that mission.

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Deadline 31 October 2016

*We recognise that other areas and peoples have also faced oppression and marginalisation; this workshop is supported by the Royal African Society/ASAUK and has focused its energies accordingly.